What We Do

DataCenter Management

We Manage
your servers
and applications

  • Full Virtualization

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring

  • Backups & Failover

  • License Management

  • Secure Networking

  • Compliancy

Our team has extensive experience in managing mixed environments, combining the best of the Windows and Linux worlds in order to provide the best possible scenario for your application servers and services. We are familiar with most application servers, from MS Exchange to Oracle Enterprise. We utilize tried and true virtualization technologies to achieve the most cost effective enviroment to host your data in a secure and monitored environment. We can work with your licenses or provide ours. We also perform secure backups and configure a failover environment.

Application Development

We help
your Applications

  • In-House, In-Sourced or Outsourced

  • Design Services

  • Project Management

  • Testing & Debugging

  • Certification

  • Documentation

Our development teams are familiar and experienced with multiple development enviroments, but our best capabilities are in creating secure web based client-server applications. We are used to develop under Windows and Linux operating environments, from Python, to C## to PHP, to SPSS to Cobol. We are experts in PL/SQL, and database operations optimization. We provide resources to you as in-house, in-shore or in-sourced teams or outsource it, while controling the entire enterprise on your behalf. We are also experienced in getting your software certified and compliant.

Cost Effective Security

WE make your
secure & adaptive

  • Server Hardening

  • Secure Configurations

  • Firewall Management

  • Secure Third-Parties

  • Certifications

  • Air Gaping & More

  • Cost Effective

A secure enviroment is a combination of clever and proper configuration of resources, starting with your network design and exposure, your servers and internal security provisions, and keeping up-to-date with the constant changes and development of exploits. But mostly with the exposure that comes from your own users and employees. The reality is the majority of network security breaches come from security lapses at the user level, in particular IT personnel. The greatest hacks have been done by social engineering. We believe that the best practice for security is prevention, and the best security is the one you do not see, but is there, monitoring and logging every activity and operation. Ensuring that even when there is a breach, its is quickly detected and dealt with. The cost of some tools in the market can be prohibitive for many organizations, but we have developed and combined a series of tools and techniques, configuratoions and misdirection which achieve similar or better results at reasonable cost. Our track speaks for us, over the last 10 years none of our clients have been seriously affected by malicious activities, our client web sites are imprevious to DDoS attacks and other similar achievements.